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I was trained in power vinyasa yoga, and then went on to get certified in hot yoga, restorative yoga,  and kids yoga. I created my own style of contemporary yoga dance that blends yoga shapes with a dance routine, on your mat. 

I’ve been dancing since age 4. I started with ballet, and then fell in love with contemporary. In high-school, I was on the senior competitive company for Michelle Latimer’s Dance Academy – a studio renowned for producing stars, such as Kayla Radomski, who placed 4th in the 5th season of So You Think You Can Dance. Then after high-school, I was a Denver Nuggets dancer, and on several dance companies such as The Damsels, Rouge, and Hard Candy. 

In simple Morse code, there are 3 characters.  The dot, the dash, and the space. 

I write out phrases / mantras / words in Morse code, and then I assign a different gemstone type to each character. For example:

Dot = Labradorite (grey)

Dash = Howlite (white)

Space = Apatite (teal)

Every purchase from Morse Code Malas comes with a key and a Morse code map so you can read your jewelry. 

When you enter any of my zoom meetings (classes), your video and sound will be automatically OFF. You are welcome to leave both video and sound off, to just observe a class. 

If you do decide to turn your video on, please leave yourself muted (except for when I ask everyone to unmute themselves to chat).   

You can pin my video be hoovering over my image and selecting the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. In the dropdown, select ‘Pin Video’. 

All public classes are pay-what-you-can. And you can use Paypal, Venmo, or my Shopify. 

Watch the video explanation on YouTube, or text below:

Contact Tracing has been around for decades and is a common health tool. Many people seem to be confused about it because there are really 2 different main types of contact tracing.

The first type of contact tracing is the kind that has been around since the 1945 as a common public health tool. It was central in ending the ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014, and has been used for many different diseases like hemorrhagic fever, smallpox, HIV, and tuberculosis. It involves human beings on the phone, talking about who they’ve been in contact with, helping people know how long they will be infectious and limiting their contact with others. It also involves human beings helping each other by sharing resources and organizations that can support people in isolation.

Let’s continue to call this first kind contact tracing since it has been around for decades and has been called contact tracing all along.

The second kind is the kind that is scaring people, and it is uses apps on your cell phones to inform people if they’ve been in contact with an infected person. It is said to use Bluetooth technology, but since it would have to track your location and share that information with health agencies…which are government agencies…it would effectively involve well, the government tracking you.

Now there are questions about whether or not this is already being done with all the various apps on your phone that use location, and I’m not here to talk about the ethics of either practice, but obviously, this second kind brings up issues with privacy, liberty, and autonomy. Let’s just agree to call this Contact Tracking, since it is different, it’s a step beyond.

In this time in history, when so much has been taken away from us already, we understandably want cling to the liberties we have left. So let’s talk about the first kind, the OG contact tracing, which takes ethics very seriously and in fact exists out of an intention to perform a public good.

While calling people one by one takes much more time, effort, and human-power than instantly informing someone they might have COVID-19 using an app, it can still HELP stop the spread of disease. And here’s why:

The reproductive number of COVID-19, ie the average number of people an infected person will go on to infect, is between 2 and 3. So if you were infected with COVID 19, you would, on average, infect 2 or 3 other people.

So let’s think about graphing this:

If each infected person infects 1 other person (Rnaught 1), the total number of people with the disease remains level…a straight horizontal line.

If each infected person infects 0 others (Rnaught <1), the graph goes dramatically down.

If each infected person infects 2 others (Rnaught 2), the graph goes dramatically up and the number of people with COVID-19 continues to increase.

So if these contact tracing calls just stop the transmission even from 2 people to 1 person, that is the difference we need to keep the level the same, to keep the level manageable by hospitals and health facilities, and to keep the level that we need to be able to test and treat people effectively.

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